David Villa's Goal for Spain Against Portugal Was Offside: 3D Video

David Villa’s goal for Spain against Portugal Tuesday was top class. Everything from Iniesta’s pass to Xavi’s back heel to David Villa’s killer strike that rebounded off the goalkeeper and back to him, and then into the top of the net.

But it should have been disallowed for offside.

Watch the above video to see the incident and to see how both the referee and assistant referee’s line of sight were blocked.

HT to 101 Great Goals.

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6 Responses to David Villa's Goal for Spain Against Portugal Was Offside: 3D Video

  1. Rami S. says:

    Villa indeed seems offside in this video but as you mentioned the linesman could not tell because there’s a Portuguese player blocking his view and also I can tell he was not perfectly placed to judge. Had he been further to the right he could have seen it. Makes me wonder about Italy’s disallowed goal which was very close against Slovakia.

  2. joegrind says:

    I don’t think he’s offside. Go frame by frame and watch the moment the ball is released: at 0.03 secs when the ball is passed, there are three Portugal Defenders and two Spain players between Villa and the goal.
    For the 3-D model, the video is stopped when the ball is almost half-way to Villa.

  3. Mark Rose says:

    He is offside, as my 9-year-old pointed out during the replays on ESPN. The point at which the 3-D view shows him offside is exactly the instant when the ball is flicked onward by another Spanish player. Flicked onward deliberately, _not_ deflected. So Villa’s position at that instant is the point.

    I agree about the AR position: he appears to be about a yard behind the 2nd-to-last defender, other players blocking his view.

  4. Rami S. says:

    Hi Mark,

    I thought he was offside on replays on ESPN but honestly couldn’t confirm because it was a very close call. I thought Italy’s disallowed goal was as close too as the defender’s foot (slovakia) was actually shading Quagi’s body when he scored. If the Italian goal was offside, then this was too.

    The linesman was completely in a blind spot because of the Portuguese defender. The linesman should have been further to the right in the sense closer to the corner flag.

    Feel free to vote on your Fav team to win WC2010:


  5. adler says:

    I no ones likely to be reading this but I must agree that villas goal was indeed offsides. I am a die hard portugal fan and as you can imagine I was rather upset by the linemans call of a fair goal. I belive if this game had gone nil to nil (as it would have) then portugal could have won in a pk shootout.I hope teams dont get cheated out of the world cup as they did this

    • enrique says:

      Adler, what you call cheating is just an honest mistake, one so borderline that replays couldn’t ascertain for sure and only with the help of the latest technology it was proved to be just 0.22 m offside. On the other hand, your statement that the game should have gone nil to nil is at best biased since you seem to forget that there was a clear penalty on Portugal’s area where a Spanish player ended up with his shirt torn. Replays showed that he was grabbed but in this case you don’t complain, right?

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