World Cup Daily Ticker: June 10

 World Cup Daily Ticker: June 10

Happy World Cup Eve everyone. Here are some top stories from around the world today.

Pirlo To Miss First Two Games

Italian midfielder Andrea Pirlo will miss the first two games of the World Cup against Paraguay and New Zealand due to a calf strain picked up in training. The 31-year-old is considered by many as essential to the Azzuri’s World Cup hopes.

Pirlo will be replaced by 25-year-old Florintena midfielder Riccardo Montolivo. “In 2006, I watched the World Cup on TV, now I am here. This is the most important tournament in my career and I am thrilled,” said Montolivo

English Holligans Detained In Birmingham

Five English football hooligans were detained early Thursday morning during a raid of their homes. The suspects, aged 20-44, are accused of not complying with orders to turn over their passports as a result of being convicted of hooligan related crimes.

This is the latest action by global authorities to crack down on hooliganism ahead of the World Cup.  Police have said more arrests are to follow. The penalty for failing to turn over a passport is six months in jail or a 5,000 pound fine.

Blatter Will Seek Re-Election

FIFA president Sepp Blatter will seek another four-year term as head of soccer’s governing body. Blatter, 74, has been president since 1998 and has been chiefly responsible for the commercial successes of the 2002 and 2006 World Cups.

The election will come next June in Switzerland.

Maradona Could Play Three Strikers

Enigmatic Argentina coach Diego Maradona could play three strikers in his team’s opening match against Nigeria on Saturday. According to the Associated Press Maradona has decided on Carlos Tevez, Lionel Messi and Gonzalo Higuain as starters up top.

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6 Responses to World Cup Daily Ticker: June 10

  1. Fred says:

    Hey, just wondering when the actual Opening Ceremony of the World Cup will be broadcast on US TV? I can’t seem to find a single listing for it, even though it’s scheduled by FIFA at 2pm South African time (that would be 8pm EST). And what’s more, ESPN don’t mention it at all either. Don’t tell me they’ll take the asinine step of not showing at all? I mean, I could care less about South Africa vs. Mexico, I’d rather much see the OPENING CEREMONY!

    • John Boschini says:

      It will be on at 8:00 EST. Unfortunately, it won’t be on broadcast television but if you don’t have ESPN3 it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a internet stream.

      • Fred says:

        The fact that they’re not showing it on TV is patently outrageous, when you compare the fact that it WILL be shown live everywhere else in the whole world. How they think Good Morning America or some idiotic talk show has more merit than the Opening Ceremony of a World Cup is completely moronic. This is why I hate ESPN’s coverage of any soccer/football event, because they have a close-minded, backward approach and don’t really care about promoting it in the country. Take, for example, their woeful coverage of the Champions League with that faux Irish commentator — best news of the decade was when FSC got the rights. It’s an utter shame that ESPN/ABC still hold the World Cup rights.

        • Fred says:

          OK, so while ESPN is not broadcasting it (the idiots), I just checked my listings and Univision has ¡Despierta América!: ¡Ceremonia de Apertura! listed at 8:00am. Now, I could be totally mistaken and my Spanish is next to non-existent, but I’m quite sure that Ceremonia de Apertura! means “Opening Ceremony”. It could be possible that Univision, which IS airing Spanish language coverage of the World Cup throughout, WILL in fact air it live, but of course it could be something else. It would be great though if someone who’s more proficient at Spanish or someone who actually watches Univison regularly could be let us know if it will in fact be airing!

          • Fred says:

            So it actually is airing in Univision, therefore it IS airing on US television. Thanks for the [completely nonexistent] help, much appreciated.

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