Thierry Henry Handball Video

Watch the Thierry Henry handball video from the France versus Ireland game here. In the analysis by Irish TV station RTE, the pundits dissect the controversial moment in the game and analyze whether it should have been offside or not and whether the video of the Thierry Henry handball shows if he cheated on purpose or not.

Johnny Giles, Eamon Dunphy and Graeme Souness participate in the heated discussion.

What do you think of the video and whether Ireland was cheated? Click the comments link below to share your feedback.

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31 Responses to Thierry Henry Handball Video

  1. Ryan Challis says:

    That is a disgrace. We should have a replay!!!!

  2. rob says:

    absolutely disgusting. anyone can agree that was a disgrace and they should have a replay

  3. Conor Smith says:

    Surely this game has to be replayed, there is too much at stake for it just to be brushed off.

    FAX number for FIFA! +41-43-222 7878

    We all know that if it happened up the other end that Platini would already have the rules changed and a replay organised!
    But I would like to point out that anyone that can read French will see that respect to the French people for their reaction of disgust to Henry’s actions, so for the people that France I hope that they go on to do well in the World Cup! I had a look at this link below that has some good football related Facebook Statuses for the World Cup in its Facebook Status Generator:

    Fair Play must shine through and FIFA have got a big message to send out now by banning Henry from the World Cup!

  4. kp says:

    How did the assistant not see that!!!! Clear view. Henry used to be my footballing idol, but now he means so little to me. Video assistance needs to be implemented as well. I guess FIFA got what they wanted!!! Hope some sort of punishment is applied to this case wherether it be Henry or France.

  5. sirhaggs says:

    I think that Ireland was robbed! Their is no way that the referee can effectively see what occurs on the field from every angle. Given the importance of the game, I think that Ireland deserves a rematch. Most importantly, I believe that they really in a fair way need to incorporate a coaches challenge by video playback to conclude any such penalties, as similiar to the NFL in USA. This system is fair and works very well in American Football.

  6. Seamus O'Blarney says:

    Henry’s contact with the ball was clearly unintentional. Quite the opposite can be said for the Irish defenders pulling on his shirt throughout the match. The blighty buggers got what they deserved.

    • Fred Blighe says:

      I have NEVER heard of such a worse made up Irish name as Seamus O Blarney, that and the use of use English lingo “blighty buggers” is hardly going to convince anyone of your convictions.Just leave a comment good or bad and get on with it!!

      My own opinion, prior to the handball, two french players were off side and Dunne was impeded as the ball was played in. The linesman has no excuse for not getting the offside and the French no. 17 pulling on Dunne was in front of the ref.

      PS. Blarney is a place in Cork, NOT a surname!!

    • Barnaby Twain says:

      HAHA Seamus .
      funny as.

  7. Valdo says:

    You cannot compare this with Maradona’s handball. The action at full speed is jut too quick and you can see he was surprised to have touched the ball. Henry did what he’s trained to do, made a great pass and his team-mate scored. I’m sorry for the Irish but it is not Henry’s fault, we don’t need human refs in this age of technology.

    If we are to judge this and cry as if it were the end of football then every dive and every shirt pulled behind the referee’s back has the same importance and we see so many of those every match.

    Again sorry for the Irish but at the end is the nature of the game, suck it up and rather than asking for a rematch ask for a video-ref! thanks

  8. Jason hickey says:

    It is upt to the french to stand up not fifia…if they are honest and not cowards they will accept a rematch

  9. Stephen says:

    If the governing bodies even considering a re-match, then it would mean that the match between Crystal Palace and Bristol City would also need to be replayed after the referee missed a PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE goal.

  10. liz webber says:

    i think they teach handball at barcelona! remember the champions league semi last year!

  11. Where would we be without incidents like this one … 22 men, 2 goals, 1 Ref and a ball. IMHO football needs more of these occurences to maintain international interest. Referees are always going to make errors and occassionally their mistakes will dash the hopes of a nation. Without the driving passion that requires that a wrong be made right, Ireland would have never stood a chance … now I wouldn’t put it past them to beat all of the odds in their next world cup.

  12. Michael says:

    Fifa changed the rules by suddenly deciding that playoff teams would be seeded, Henry broke the rules by controlling the ball with his hand, the linesmen ignored the rules when they didn’t blow for offside, obstruction on Dunne, and Henry’s handball. And you wonder why people are upset.

  13. jeannie anderson says:

    throw the french outa the world cup for down right cheating even the guy admitted he hand balled that lead to the goal jes even the goal keeper pleaded a hand ball and was ignored , sack thierry too plenty of honest foorballers on the french team , ireland deserves a replay ,

  14. Frank says:

    the player in the offside position didn’t play the ball. Henry was very onside before beating the Irish defender to the ball. No Offside

    AR was blocked by the crowd in the middle.
    Look at the video about 42 seconds in. Gallas and Ireland’s #23 were, in fact, blocking the view.

    The Center referee was sheilded by the crowd and Ireland’s #13 running AROUND Henry, rather than staying goal side.

    Ireland’s hands were going up, presumably calling for an offside, as they went up BEFORE the handball.

    bottom line. the referees are on the field to make the call. They cannot see every aspect and every foul, which adds to the beauty of the game. If this game is to be replayed, you’d have to replay the champion’s league final where the chelsea player received a red card from Messi running into him, as that was clearly Messi jumping into the player. How about the beach ball earlier this season in Liverpool, where the referee let the goal stand? Is the fact that this is a game to get one of these two teams into the World Cup Final make it more important?

    Get over it, it’s done. If you like it, enjoy the World Cup. if you don’t, cheer for whoever France plays against.

    Every player, including Keane, have committed a foul of this nature. The difference was that this foul decided the outcome of a game.

    Get over it.

  15. Paddy says:

    Got to laugh…we’ve had the rub of the green so many times in the past, that this time we need to take it in on the chin. Next time we’ll do it no problem.

  16. Paddy says:

    Forgot to add…all this Maradona ‘hand of god’ bullsht is the biggest pain in all this…trust the english to turn this back around into their own sorry tale…

  17. Neil Garvin says:

    Two French players clearly offside. Blow the whistle play over.
    Henry clearly cradles the ball to keep it in play then pushes it towards the net onto his foot for the pass. Blow the whistle, play over.
    Nope again
    This happens far too often in all sports.
    Either get it right or don’t bother playing the games.

    Think it is time people got smart and found something else to do besides watching millionaires chase a ball around. Go for a walk with your kids, read a book, take the wife out to dinner………………….

  18. Dave says:

    Referees blow calls all the time. They are human. They make mistakes all the time. Its a tough job to be a referee because you can’t see everything. You don’t have the luxury of a replay. As a coach you always try to teach your kids to play the game fair but when the other teams seeks an advantage by unscrupulous play it is up to the referee to control the game. If the referee allows it or fails to make the calls then it becomes part of the game! Referees have total control of the game. Their decision is final. I think this is how American Football got to use video in challenging calls made by officials. Maybe that is the future of soccer.

  19. ka says:

    NO it shouldn’t be replayed Soccer is Soccer these sort of things happen all the time in this game. Just becuase the ref failed to maske the right call dosn’t meanm that the game should be replayed shouldn’t matter, how many times have you been watching a game were the ref blew a call on a dive or handball, this is no different, you all need to get over it and move on.

  20. zach rusk says:

    i dont think all the blame should be on thierry henry i mean he admitted to it but this is the same thing about zidan the ref didnt see the head but but he issued a red card the assitants should of stepped up i mean all you had to do is ask henry he will admitt it

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